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Yoshi's Cookie
yoshis_cookie.cover.frontThis is a twist on the usual falling-block puzzle. See if you can stay with me here, because I’m not entirely sure I understand it myself.

You start with a bunch of random cookies (shapes). More cookies will fall from the top and the right of the screen. Move the cursor to the row/column you want to move. Hold the A button and press the D-pad in the direction you want the cookies to move. That whole row or column will move; cookies on the end will wrap around and come back from the other side. When one row or column is all one type of cookie that row or column disappears.

Ah. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

So it’s part falling-block game, part sliding-block puzzle game.Yoshi's Cookie 201207261342031

As for how much fun it is…it’s not my type of game. It’s good, but not for me.

Time played: 10 minutes.
How was it?: S’okay.
Will you play it again?: I doubt it.


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