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250px-Yoshi_game_coverYoshi or Yoshi no Tamago as it’s known in Japan [I only know that because I was reading an old Nintendo Power last night that had a preview of the game with the title screen in katakana] is yet another falling-block puzzle game. But unlike the last falling-block puzzle game we looked at that starred Nintendo characters, Wario’s Woods, this one is actually fun.

Two Mario enemies will drop from the top of the screen at a time. If they fall onto another of the same enemy (a Blooper on top of a Blooper, a Goomba on a Goomba, etc.), they both disappear. If not they stick around. At the bottom of the screen are four platters. You can swamp the places of adjacent platters and thus can move stacks around.

Every once in a while half of a Yoshi egg will fall. If a top half falls onto a bottom half Yoshi appears. That’s cute enough, but if the two halves sandwich enemies of any combination, the whole stack will disappear and you’ll get big points.Yoshi 201207261330147

That’s it. Simple to understand and fun right from the get go. The small screen means that almost immediately you have to make tough choices about what enemies you can cover up. And if you’re like me that means you’ll be shuttling around one huge stack waiting for the right enemy to come along and take some of the pressure off.

Time played: 15 minutes.
How was it?: Fun. Much more so than I expected from reading the preview.
Will you play it again?: Yeah, I’d like to give it another go.


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