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Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
young indy coverChrist. First Hanna Barbara and now Indiana Jones. Is there nothing the NES can’t make me like?

The first thing I noticed when I started playing is how much the game plays like a fast Castlevania. Castlevania meets The Lone Ranger, only without the town parts and more dogfighting.

The control is super smooth and responsive. You guide Young Indy through a number of exciting locales and whip bad guys to death.

Actually, there are a number of weapons you can use, all of which factor into the interesting health system. At the top of the screen you see three boxes, each of which can hold one item. From left to right it’s weapon, shield, support. Each one can take a hit, in reverse order. When you have none left and you get hit you die.

My one problem with this system is there’s no way to choose what weapons you want other than to avoid picking up new weapons. There’s no storing them, so switching between them. And, if you get hit you lose your current weapon and are reduced to punching stuff. The problem with that is enemies and your first both have small hitboxes, so you’ve got to get really close to do damage. Usually close enough that you get hurt yourself in the process. Which means hello again to the beginning of the level.Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 201207261355564

Yep, death sends you to the beginning. Losing all your lives and using a continue sends you to the beginning of the stage. Yeah, super fun.

But Young Indy is super fun. It’s exciting, it’s fast paced, it controls like a dream. It’s damn near everything you could want in an action game.

Time played: 20 minutes.
How was it?: Really damn good.
Will you play it again?: Most definitely.


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