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zanac-coverHow do you like your shooters? I hope you said, “As old school as shit” because that’s what Zanac offers.

At least on the surface. Under the hood there are some interesting things going on. According to the manual the game adapts to how well you’re doing and what you manage to destroy. Specifically, the more you shoot the stronger the enemy becomes.

…Which explains a lot. Hold on.

When played like that the game gets a lot more interesting. It becomes less a game about shooting everything in sight and more about picking your moments and dodging damn near everything.Zanac (U) 201207261406393

Still, I stick by the old school assessment. But I realize now the game is saying, “You like your games old school? What if I tweak the game like this?” and then your world falls apart because it’s such a simple change but one you’re unprepared for.

Very neat.

Time played: 30 minutes.
How was it?: Interesting.
Will you play it again?: Probably not, but if you like shooters this game’s worth a look.


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