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The Princess is in Another Castle.
Super Mario Bros. 2 201205182040218And that’s it. A little under four years later and I’ve played through every licensed NES game and bitched about it on the internet. I’m surprised as anyone I made it this far without my interest flagging.

But there is still a little more to come. Notice I said “licensed”. I realized about halfway through this project that I’d already covered some unlicensed games without meaning to, so now I want to go back and get them all. I’d always planned to, I guess, but I was hoping I would never need to play Bubble Bath Babes ever again.

So a short break, then once more into the breach, and then another break. I’ve got a lot of games on other systems piling up, and a number of other projects that I’ve also put on hold in order to focus on the blog. And I want to get cracking turning this thing into a proper book. As soon as I figure out what format it should take. And how to make a book.

Should be interesting.


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