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Because I don't have enough things to do.
imagesBecause I don't have enough things to do--a full time job, a wife, taking care of a two year old and another child on the way, studying Japanese like a mofo, and trying to play through my growing backlog of games while also keeping on top of the latest releases--I've decided to finally get on my ass and start turning this blog into a book.

All the entries have been downloaded and turned into an Excel spreadsheet. Now comes the fun part of editing, researching, editing some more, and proofreading.

For 750+ entries. Plus new content for unlicensed games I missed during the first go-round, as well as coverage of every major accessory, and some other features I'm still percolating on.

The idea is not so much an encyclopedia or price guide--I'm sure those exist and are exhaustive--but a Player's Guide to Collecting. I figure most collectors are like me, people with limited funds who want maximum bang for their buck. I have helpfully played through every NES game for you, so you can take my handy guide to your local flea market/convention/used game store and see what games are worth buying and for roughly how much.

"Why not just use the internet?" Because fuck you, that's why. Because it's fun to hold a physical guide in your hand (in my mind's eye it's a smallish book, the size of two Farmer's Almanacs taped together, and the same kind of paper).

Because I don't have enough fucking things to do.


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